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Mar 23, 2013 5:20pm EDT
security, where , hehe world will they go wants to have baby monitors, -- healthcare monitoring. we're working with healthcare providers to talk about the growing problem of diabetes in the country, should we be able to help you check in on demand, online, smart devices. it's a pretty exciting time. >> if you were watching cable in your house and something isn't working, you want to call the cable company -- >> that never happens. >> do you have any problems getting through? [laughter]>> i don't know what you're asking. neil smith is the head of cable. when steve burke moved over to nbc universal after 12 years of earning comcast cable and took us from two or 3 million customers to 20 and we became a cable company in 30 states, huge job. when neil got here, he wanted to make it work better, and it's all about improving service. although we are nowhere near where i would like us to be and where the definition of good service never ends, being able to self-help, get it right the first time, make it simpler -- i think we have made terrific strides. >> why do you think the cable industr
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1